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Our NEW and Exclusive Theory Workshop - Linked to Practical

This is only on a 1:1 basis, which consists of 1 trainer to 1 trainee at any one time to ensure effective and quality training is provided based on the information provided in the theory element then linked to practical skills on-road.


Standards Check Training (ORDIT)

We Offer Quality and Professional Standards Check Training

Quality and professional Standards Check training (ORDIT) establishment, providing the best possible and up to date in-car training or workshop based "power point" material outlining everything you need to know to increasing your chances in passing the  Standards Check.  

This presentation is great for those who wish to gain confidence within their own abilities, or feel that a lack of knowledge is evident, or wishing to achieve that grade A.   Current workshop material is modern, to date and in line with the DVSA, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency testing criteria and syllabus. We offer training at your nearest test centres at your convenience ! 

You Can Pay Online for Your Standards Check Training at Your Convenience

We have made it much easier and convenient for you to pay online using your preferred method in which you wish to pay.  Paypal account or checkout as a guest and pay using the following cards, Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express.  This is the fastest and easy way to pay for your standards check training.    

Download the SC1 Form Here

View the SC1 form used by the examiner on your Standards Check, and study all 17 competencies in preparation for your SC.

Download the Syllabus

Recommended: Download your FREE copy of the National Standards for Drivers and Riders to help you understand the standards which should be reached to help your pupils drive safely post test.

Standards Check

Standards Check Training in Enfield, London, Waltham Abbey, Loughton and Covering Surrounding Areas

We offer Standards Check training in Enfield, London, Barnet, Chingford, Loughton, Goodmayes including additional locations, (see locations here) offering quality and affordable training including resources in preparation for that big day!

​​​​I understand the frustration of most A.D.I's who are worried of all the build-up and drama that the Standards Check poses on them.  Because of this reason, I offer a 90 minute presentation workshop to A.D.I's either on a 1:1 or 3:1 basis who may just want additional information rather than in-car training to prepare, and know what to expect from their big day! 


I am part of the  ORDIT registered trainer scheme in which details of this can be found on the direct.gov website for listed ORDIT trainers.   I have the skills, knowledge and passion to help those prepare for that important day.   Achieving a grade A on 

the Standards Check can be very rewarding, also to remember, this can only depend on how much down time you put in to training, reading and practice. 

Training Will Cover the Following to Prepare You Fully For your Standards Check:​​
The 17 competencies explained on the "SC1 marking form" which are listed under Lesson Planning, Risk Management and Teaching and Learning Strategies, and how 

you'll be assessed and lesson introductions.  

Scoring criteria explained including training and development in a CCL, Client Cantered fashion to suit your needs in structuring appropriate training based around the learners needs and styles to help them achieve their main goals.

 We will also look at scenarios, terminology and communication including actively listening to the needs of the pupil to determine where the lesson should start. Specifically where "risk management" is concerned and more... !

Most importantly I can help you achieve the best possible chances of getting that grade A.

A.D.I Rescue Training | ORDIT | Part 2 | Part 3 | Training Developmental Needs


Since starting out in 2008, I have moved on with advancing my knowledge and skill to helping others, this has included the Standards Check, A.D.I Rescue Training, ORDIT and Part 3, with providing the key skills in coaching and instructional methods, training and development to individual  needs who may lack confidence - to those looking for some advice to keeping up to date with modern training standards. 

"Whatever the reason.." we are here to help you gain success,"with modern coaching techniques and strategies with a client centered approach to learning to all our training to suit the needs of anyone that wants to learn in their preferred learning style and at their own pace.  

Most of the A.D.I training will involve the 17 competencies broken down into 3 sections, Lesson Planning, Risk Management, Coaching and Instructional methods which meets the current DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency)  testing criteria and format, including the National Standards for Drivers and Riders.

Driver Training | Standards Check

ORDIT (Train the Trainer) Course


Our ORDIT Instructor Training, TTC (Train the Trainer Course) is becoming popular by many wanting to become part of the ORDIT registered scheme.  The course is designed to equip the potential trainer with the key skills, resources and responsibilities in helping those wanting a career as a driving instructor.   This includes professionalism, and a fair understanding of industry knowledge and clients needs to inspire as a lead trainer and role modal within a fast growing industry.    

Become a Driving Instructor


This course is designed for those wanting to train to become a fully approved driving instructor.  We offer training for all three parts of the DVSA qualifying process, including the Standards check preparation which is structured and in line with the current syllabus that  meets the current methods and competencies expected from you as a trainer to deliver a high competency of driving ability and modern teaching and coaching techniques, set out by your ORDIT provider with online study material and home study in your down time.

Standards Check


I understand the frustration of most A.D.I's who are worried of all the build-up and drama that the Standards Check poses on them.   As an A.D.I 

and ORDIT registered trainer, I have the skills and knowledge to help those prepare for that important day, achieving a grade A on the Standards Check can only depend on how much time you put in to training, and practice.

We have a Workshop which consists of 90 minutes information and guidance with an in-car training element.

Contact us for further details. 

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If you have questions about the standards check or what our training involves, feel free to send us a message.  We will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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