Option2drive.co.uk is a reputable driving instructor training establishment for those looking to take their career to the next level by committing to our ORDIT training course,  equally to add to your portfolio of CPD (Continuing Professional Development). See more for details on what's involved by clicking on the link below which defines all the NEW changes to ORDIT and assessment criteria.. 


The way you qualify to become an ORDIT trainer is changing.

ADIs can join the voluntary official register of driving instructor training (ORDIT), run by the DVSA, if you want to train driving instructors. 

Joining the register allows you to:

  • prove you meet the DVSA standard to provide high-quality training
  • advertise yourself as a DVSA ORDIT trainer
  • have your details added to the GOV.UK service to find driving instructor 

Training Courses

DVSA informed us in May 2018 that they planned to make changes to the way the ORDIT scheme works. The following changes are coming into place on 1 April 2019:

Raising the Standards

Currently, only 60% of instructors in an ORDIT establishment need to be registered. 

This will be changed to 100%.

Instructors will also need to have achieved a grade ‘A’ on their latest standards check to join ORDIT, instead of being an ADI for 12 months. All ORDIT instructors will need to offer developmental training to other ADIs.  

Assessment Day: The assessment lasts up to 1 hour and 30 minutes.  This includes:

A short time with the examiner who will ask you about your trainee you've brought with you on the day.

Around 1 hour where you give a training session to your trainee.

Around 15 minutes at the end where your examiner will give you feedback and result.

ORDIT Instructor Training | benefits

Excellence in Training, SAVE Money When You Pay In Full for Your (ORDIT), "Train the Trainer" course

1. Increase your work load and maximize your earnings by committing to our ORDIT training and qualifying as as part of the ORDIT instructor training scheme to deliver developmental training for existing ADIs and those taking part 1, 2 and 3 of the qualifying process.

2. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) means you will always be up to date with industry knowledge, adding this to your portfolio of achievements is sure to create more opportunities as the course prepares you for the life of an ORDIT instructor training provider. 

3. Build industry knowledge to transfer on to others, be respected and trusted within a fast growing industry

4. Be part of a recognised training body, DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency)  ORDIT registered scheme

5. Help others gain recognised qualifications within your industry

6. Receive dedicated and ongoing support from your trainer which meets the NEW changes to ORDIT processes.

ORDIT Training Packages

(Option 1) Training Only*



15 Hours of in-car ORDIT training, or known as ORDIT "train the trainer" course to fully prepare the potential trainer with the knowledge, skill and desire to be a role model/mentor to train A.D.Is and P.D.Is.

Deposit required when booking training. 

( Documents Not Included )

£650 - In-car training only.

(Option 2) Full Course

ADI Theory Part 1


15 Hours of in-car ORDIT instructor training, (ORDIT instructor training scheme) to fully prepare the potential trainer with the key skills needed to provide ORDIT training to deliver all three of the A.D.I qualifying process.   All training provided meets the NEW changes to ORDIT assessment and criteria.   

Deposit required when booking training.

( See Documents Here )


£900 Combined course package.

(Option 3) Pay as You Train



2 Hours of in-car ORDIT training, or known as ORDIT train the trainer course to fully prepare the potential trainer with the key skills and knowledge to be a trainer of excellence within your industry.

No deposit required when booking training.

( Documents Not Included )

£92 - Pay for each training session only price.

Intensive ORDIT Training Course

8 Hourly - ORDIT Course for Potential Trainers

As an independent driver training provider, I understand that managing you're time unwisely can be a loss of potential earnings and time wasted.  Having said that, time can be wisely invested in the right places training for a qualification that could earn you better rewards, like here at option2drive.co.uk.

I offer "Intensive ORDIT Training Course" for those that time is just as important for them, with this in mind it would be an 8 hour course spread over 2 days, 4x4 training ratio.

Whats included:

Day 1.

-Introduction to the ORDIT process

-Understanding the scheme and benefits

-Lesson plans/goal settings

- Understanding different learning styles and needs inclusive of lesson subjects

-Examiners marking sheet and 17 competences 

-1:1 in-car training  preparing you for real world instructional coaching methods.

Day 2.

-How you'll be assessed 

-1:1 in-car training (to be continued)

-Mock test simulation

-Review and feedback 

-Finalizing trainer action documentation 


To find out more information on our exclusive training course - please contact us on the details provided on this website.

An overnight stay can be arranged near our location if having to travel which is at a discount rate.

ORDIT Instructor Training Course | In-Car
ORDIT Instructor Training Course | In-Car

Whats Involved in becoming ORDIT | Train the Trainer Course

Training requires attention to detail, here at Option2drive.co.uk - we give you just that!!!

It is recommended that you have held your A.D.I license for a minimum of 2 years before applying for ORDIT registration.  Having already been an A.D.I (Approved Driving Instructor), you will already have came from a teaching and coaching background which of these qualities are demonstrated on a Standards Check and are transferable to becoming part of the ORDIT instructor training scheme.   ORDIT training can be very rewarding with great job satisfaction and hours to suit.

Firstly, you will need patience and knowledge of the A.D.I qualifying examinations, equally you will have a clear understanding of the ORDIT code of practice and terms, with the desire to helping others achieve their potential dream as an approved driving instructor.   You will be fluent in understanding the 17 competencies broken down in to 3 sections outlined on the SC1 form (examiners marking sheet) these are "Lesson Panning", "Risk Management" and "Teaching and Learning Strategies".  This is not all,  you will transfer this information in a client centered approach to your trainees to understand the different styles in which people may learn or understand, including sound knowledge of the National Standards for Drivers and Riders. For more information on requirements, please click the tab below.

ORDIT Syllabus | How You'll Be Assessed

Training and monitoring evidence logbook for potential ORDIT trainees 

A Little About Us

Going Above and Beyond!

Since qualifying back in 2008 as an A.D.I Approved Driving Instructor, I have moved on with advancing my knowledge and skills to helping others, this has included the Standards Check, A.D.I Rescue Training, ORDIT train the trainer courses of recent and Part 3 providing the key skills in coaching and instructional methods, training and development to individual  needs who may lack confidence - to those looking for some advice to keeping up to date with modern training standards within the industry.  

"Whatever the reason.." we are here to help you gain success,"with modern coaching techniques and strategies with a client centered learning experience where our trainees are at the heart of everything they need to know to help them gain further industry qualifications. Our training compromises of the latest DVSA syllabus in which your training will be bench marked against.  See here for more details. National Standards for Drivers and Riders.


ORDIT Training | Click Here to See Frequently Asked Questions?  We cover Enfield, Chingford, Loughton, and Goodmayes for all your training needs.

A.D.I | ORDIT | S.C Instructor Training

Become a Driving Instructor

Become a Driving Instructor

If you're Looking for a change in career as a fully approved driving instructor and live in Enfield, Loughton, Chingford or towards Goodmayes, London, we highly recommend using an ORDIT instructor training provider.   This will give you the piece of mind that your trainer has undergone the current standards of a DVSA inspection and met the ORDIT criteria in delivery of training and quality assurance and standards procedures.

ORDIT (Train the Trainer) Course

ORDIT Training Course

Our ORDIT training, (train the trainer) course is becoming ever so popular by many wanting to become part of the ORDIT instructor training scheme. The course is designed to equip the potential trainer with exceptional ORDIT  coaching and instructional skills and resources to become a trainer of excellence within a fast growing industry, this includes being professional, reliable and a fair understanding of industry knowledge of a leading trainer and role model. 

Standards Check

Quality and effective Standards Check training

I understand the frustration of most A.D.I's who are worried of all the build-up and drama that the Standards Check poses on them. As an A.D.I and ORDIT training provider, I have met the required standard of the DVSA inspection to provide quality and effective ORDIT instructor training to transfer the skill's and knowledge to help those prepare for that important day.   Achieving a "Grade A" can only depend on how much time is put in to training resources and practice. We offer coaching in Enfield, London and Loughton, Essex including surrounding locations. 

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If you have questions about our ORDIT training courses, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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