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Option2drive.co.uk is a reputable ORDIT train the trainer establishment for those looking to take their career to the next level by committing to our ORDIT training course,  equally to add to your portfolio of CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

How long does it take to become ORDIT registered?

How long does it take to become ORDIT registered?

It can be done in a time frame that suits you, for example we have structured an intensive ORDIT - train the trainer course which is done over a two day's, or if this isn't for you - then we have a course which is tailored around your commitments so it does not have to be done in a hurry.  Please bare in mind that test waiting times can be anything up to 2 months depending on demand so we recommend to book the inspection early then once this is in place, we can then book your training weeks or days before the inspection/test.

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How can I book?

Firstly, you will need to find out your instructor trainers availability for the coming weeks, based on availability, this will need to be confirmed by email between you and your trainer.  Once confirmed you have the choice of paying in three methods, by online banking with a reference name provided, online via our website, or by cash.

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Will I have the same trainer through out the course?

Yes, you will be with the same trainer until you complete the full course or your money back. (We have a money back guarantee policy) Visit our T&C's.

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Where will I complete my training?

This may depend on the chosen test centre where you wish to be inspected.

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Can I pay in full or part payment?

You have the choice of either paying in full for the full training program, or you can pay in 2 parts however this MUST be stated at time of booking any availability.  You also have the choice of paying as you train however this will not SAVE you on the cost of training opposed to paying in full.  (Ask trainer on what discounts are on offer).

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How will I know if I am making progress?

Our guarantee to you is that, we have a duty to ensure all training records are sent via portal which outline dates, payments, competencies, achieved and development areas and further actions agreed, including plans to action before any further training is to take place.   

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What can I do if I want to train with you but live out of reach of distance?

We offer a 2 day intensive training course of 8 hours spread over 2 days.  We can recommend hotels close to our location at possible discounted rates.  (this depends on the weekday of stay).

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How does the test work?

You will undergo a test based on your abilities and qualities of a coach demonstrating all elements of the 17 competencies and how to transfer these skills to the potential driving instructor (PDI), you will be marked in 12 competencies as your instructor trainer will cover to prepare you for that big day.

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ORDIT Syllabus | How You'll Be Assessed

A Little About Us

Going Above and Beyond!

Since qualifying back in 2008 as an A.D.I Approved Driving Instructor, I have moved on with advancing my knowledge and skills to helping others, this has included the Standards Check, A.D.I Rescue Training, ORDIT train the trainer courses of recent and Part 3 providing the key skills in coaching and instructional methods, training and development to individual  needs who may lack confidence - to those looking for some advice to keeping up to date with modern training standards within the industry.  

"Whatever the reason.." we are here to help you gain success,"with modern coaching techniques and strategies with a client centered learning experience where our trainees are at the heart of everything they need to know to help them gain further industry qualifications. Our training compromises of the latest DVSA syllabus in which your training will be bench marked against.  See here for more details. National Standards for Drivers and Riders.


Frequently Asked Questions

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A.D.I | ORDIT | S.C Instructor Training

Become a Driving Instructor


If you're Looking for a change in career as a fully approved driving instructor we highly recommend using an ORDIT instructor training provider. 

 We offer all three parts of the DVSA qualifying process which is structured and in line with the current syllabus and meets the current methods expected from you as a trainer to deliver a high competency of modern ORDIT training with teaching and coaching methods with online study material and home study in your down time. 

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ORDIT (Train the Trainer) Course


Our ORDIT training, (train the trainer) course is becoming ever so popular by many wanting to become part of the instructor training, ORDIT scheme. The course is designed to equip the potential trainer with the key resources and skills to become a trainer of excellence within a fast growing industry, this includes being professional, reliable and a fair understanding of industry knowledge of a leading trainer and role model. 

Standards Check

Quality and effective training, inquire about out Standards Check Training.

I understand the frustration of most A.D.I's who are worried of all the build-up and drama that the Standards Check poses on them. As an A.D.I and ORDIT training provider, I have met the required standard to transfer the skill's and knowledge to help those prepare for that important day, achieving a grade A can only depend on how much time is put in to training resources and practice. 

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If you have questions about our ORDIT training courses, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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