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Excellence in Training, SAVE £80* When You Pay In Full for Your Driving Instructor Training

Quality and professional whilst friendly driving instructor training (ORDIT) establishment, providing the best possible training with online study resources at your convenience.

I am passionate about helping others become successful in what they enjoy doing best.  Because of this, I am able to help those wanting to become high achievers at all 3 attempts of the A.D.I qualifying process from Part 1, 2 and 3. (Call for more details).*

Pay in Full for Your Training For as Little as £1,515.00*

SAVE up to £200 when you pay in full, ask trainer for further details.

ADI Part One/Pay in Full

2 Hourly home-study with online A.D.I theory resources with access to videos, downloads and more.

£125 (2 Hours).

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ADI Part Two/Pay in Full

 10 Hourly "advanced driving" ability training with your dedicated trainer to meet the required standard that's expected.

£270 (10 Hours).

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ADI Part Three/Pay in Full

 40 Hourly in-car 1:1 training with your dedicated trainer and e-learning module options. 

£1120 (40 Hours).

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Pay as you GO for your training

Pay Per Hour with NO Upfront Fees for Your Training

We have made paying easier for those who wish to pay per hour for their training and at their convenience with no commitments. 

Pay Per Hourly Rate: £28.00*/Part 2

Pay  Per Hourly Rate: £32.00*/Part 3

Why Become a Driving Instructor

Choosing us for your training will set you NO regrets!

Train to Become a Driving Instructor with an accredited trainer, with tailored ADI instructor training packages to suit.  We’ll make the whole journey as easy as we can for you to reach your potential career goals.    
We cover driving instructor training in the following areas, Enfield, Waltham Abbey, Loughton, Chingford, Buckhurst Hill, Woodford and all surrounding areas of Essex and Hertfordshire.

We can train you to become a driving instructor in a time frame that suits you, to achieve your dream job with potential earnings between £350 to £600 per week which you will earn back once you've qualified if you average 60 hours of tuition lessons in 2 weeks assuming you charge a flat rate of £26 per hour; that's only 30 hours per week!

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How we Can Help

Going Above and Beyond!

Since starting out in 2008, I have moved on with advancing my knowledge and skill to helping others, this has included the Standards Check, A.D.I rescue training and Part 3, with providing the key skills, training and development in training needs of our industry who may lack confidence to those looking for a some advice to keeping up-to date with modern training or those in preparation of their Standards Check, or Part Three qualifying test.  

"Whatever the reason.." we are here to help you gain success" with modern coaching techniques and strategies including the introduction to CCL (Client Centered Learning), Lesson Planning, Risk Management, and Coaching strategies which meets the current DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) NEW testing criteria and format.

Welcome to Our A.D.I Learning Resources

 Get everything you need to know to prepare for your ADI Part 3 qualifying process. 

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Instructor Training

ORDIT (Train the Trainer) Course

ORDIT Training establishment with first class accredited training.

Our ORDIT Instructor Training, (train the trainer) course is becoming popular by many wanting to become part of the ORDIT registered scheme.  The course is designed to equip the potential trainer with the key resources and skills to become a trainer of excellence within a fast growing industry, this includes being professional, reliable and a fair understanding of industry knowledge of a leading trainer and roll modal.    

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Become a Driving Instructor

If you're Looking for a change in career as a fully approved driving instructor your at the right place.  We offer all three parts of the DVSA qualifying process which is structured, in line with the current syllabus and meets the current methods expected from you as a trainer to deliver a high competency of modern teaching and coaching methods with online study material and home study in your down time.

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Standards Check

Quality and effective training, inquire about out Standards Check Training.

I understand the frustration of most A.D.I's who are worried of all the build-up and drama that the Standards Check poses on them. As an A.D.I and ORDIT registered trainer, I have met the required standard to transfer the skill's and knowledge to help those prepare for that important day, achieving a grade A can only depend on how much time is put in to training resources and practice. 

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Frequent Questions Asked

What involved in the qualifying process

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What happens in my training

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How long will it take me to qualify

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Membership and Accreditations

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